Seoul Accommodation


  • 4 adults and a 3 year old


  • Airbnb

Even with all 4 adults, there wasn’t a big price difference between an average hotel room and an Airbnb. Although space was a little tight for our luggages, Airbnb won over hotel with plus points for:

+ Pricing – All up, we paid $820 for 5 nights for the entire apartment. Our initial choice was a 2 bedroom but had to compromise with a loft because we booked pretty late and we wanted a great location. The configuration was a double bed and a single bed upstairs, and a double bed on the bottom floor. There was a pull-down blind which provided some privacy for the upstairs loft. All in all, with myeye patch and ear plugs it was pretty ok for our 5 night stay.

+ location, location, location – After doing much research, we found a location (see below) and were very pleased to find that it was pretty much perfect! About 10 – 15 minutes walk to the palaces and Ssamzie-gil’s cool streets or 15 minutes walk to the well-known Myeong-dong shopping district. The particular neighborhood our apartment was in was full of local eating joints, bars and night life not to mention mini marts at every corner!!! It was also walking distance to 3 different train lines!

+ kitchenette for food prep for the little one – although he still suffered constipation from the diet changes

+ washing machine – which we used multiple times in the unusually hot weather.

Yes there’s a Beer Pong Pub!
Our regular coffee joint, just in the next street from our Airbnb.

Traveller tip: If possible, find a location within 5 mins walk to popular train stations. It’s not fun having to spend 10 minutes walking home with arms full of shopping or after a full day of non stop walking!


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