Melbourne – Travel and Accommodation


To Airbnb or not Airbnb that is the question…

Melbourne accommodation is not particularly cheap, especially if you book within 2-4 weeks in advance.

We were just two travellers looking for reasonably nice accommodation with a price tag of less than $150 per night.

So our Airbnb options were either to rent a room in a shared apartment (around $100-120 per night after adding cleaning and what not) or rent a private apartment or place further away from the city.

We crossed checked with hotel accommodation and found that we could get a 3-4 star apartment in a great location for just a little extra + our own privacy + room service!

We ended up finding a booking on at Pegasus Apart’Hotel for about $140 per night 🙂 It was a busy hotel but very clean. It would probably be 3.5 star, great location, great staff and walkable to most places in the city.

If you’re willing to pay a little more or book early enough, stay anywhere near FLINDERS street station 🙂



Melbourne is just so walkable. From one end of the city would take a max of an hour to walk. Or just hop onto any of on the trams within the CBD area. You can download Melbourne tram app to help!

However, if you’re off to Chapel street or Lygon street, your options are the trams, trains or Uber!

Travel to/from the airport is via Taxi or airport buses. Uber can’t be easily found past midnight (especially on a Friday as most of they hover about in the city center).

Going to the airport is definitely ok with Uber. We easily ordered one from our hotel which sent us directly to the airport and costed us about $40-50 (compared to the $55-$65 by taxi).



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