Seoul Child-Friendly Attractions

These attractions are located in Gwacheon (exit Gwacheon Station), about 45 minutes train ride from the city center. It can be done express in 1 hour for the Science Museum and 2 hours for the Seoul Grand Park Zoo. But I would recommend a day if you want a good look with plenty of rest breaks and even explore the other parks in the Seoul Grand Park.

Traveller’s tip: Prams are provided at these attractions. These attractions are quite large and can be quite overwhelming. If you have younger kids, try targeting one or two attractions and spending more time, rather than trying to hit them all…

Gwacheon National Science Museum

Great for kids 0 -12 years (although not uniquely Korean). Featured exhibits include dinosaurs skeletons, space and solar system, space craft and aeroplanes and other cool stuff. Will definitely keep kids entertained for at least an hour or two. As always, be prepared for long walks.

Stair art at Gwacheon station
Gwacheon Science Museum – beware a lot of walking too!




The popular bubbles exhibit

Seoul Grand Park Zoo (inside of Seoul Grand Park)

The Seoul Grand Park is just on the other Exit of Gwacheon station. Seoul Grand Park is amazing! It comprises of 5 parks in one! Seoul Grand Park Zoo, Children’s Zoo, a rose garden, Seoul Land amusement park, and the Seoul Museum of Modern Art.

After the science museum, we had a couple of hours to explore the Grand Park Zoo. I can imagine that a couple of days would be required to check out the whole park!!! After asking the info counter at the main entrance, we found there was a tram which transported people from the entrance to the various parks for a small fee. We hopped onto the tram, but saw a lot of locals just taking the long walk to the zoo. (I don’t know where Koreans get their fantastic walking staminas!!)

Tickets to the zoo can be bought at the zoo entrance and cost about $2 per adult. The zoo didn’t disappoint and provided enough animals in pretty decent enclosures for us to goo goo and ga ga at. The zoo also provided prams for hire (around $2), which were all hygienically washed down.

Many exhibits are closed in winter. See the link below for opening times!

Useful link:

Official Site for Seoul Grand Park Zoo

IMG_2475  12132413_10153706295916639_6551260327702867967_o12138438_10153706296146639_4248080256342196431_o12068515_10153706294881639_894693294652917017_o IMG_247012063546_10153699937871639_4029803735655850953_n12096357_10153699937926639_41578236607542295_n 12115585_10153706295206639_6060114494490174399_n   12143315_10153706300556639_6745321251726400317_n



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