Seoul Cable Car and N Tower

Another child-friendly Seoul activity for all ages!

After our shopping at Itaewon, we caught a cab to the Namsan cable car using the ever trusty google translate (all taxis should know where this is!).  The cable car starts at mid-base level of Namsan mountain and goes up to the top, where Namsan (or N) tower is located. We went just before sundown, which gave us splendid views of Seoul by day and night 🙂  The other options is to use the Namsan outdoor elevator from the base of the mountain to get to the cable car entrance.

After getting off at the top of the cable car, there’s a gorgeous outdoor area with sculptures, Paris-inspired love locks, a teddy bear shop and plenty of eating outlets. You’d have to pay extra to go into the observatory itself. Awesome place to just soak in the atmosphere, the views, and relax after a hard day of shopping, eating, etc!!!


Things to do at N Tower:

Cost: $$$ – $$$$$ (adult trip round cable care fare from 8,500 won or about $8, child round fare from 5,500 won or about $5). Visiting the observatory, museums and restaurants will cost extra!
Entertainment value: *****

Time to get on the cable car! Pretty squished too…
Beautifully lit up!
Seoul by night
Such a different view in the day time
Love locks, and no we don’t do them.
More steps!! (There’s a ramp / lifts hidden somewhere for prams too)
View from the cable car



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