Melbourne Food!!!

Food and coffee are definite passions for Melbourne’s locals. You’d be surprised at the quality and intricacy of the food at the smallest back-alley takeaway joint!

Here’s just a little start to the places to explore within the CBD…

Traveller’s tip: We used Zomato (download as an app or just search online) for ratings for the best places to go.

Operator 25

Operator 25 Great coffee, brunch place with techniques not worthy of brunch food! We just had to go back twice – and it was just 1 min away from our apartment.

Coconut and orange barley / cous cous (I think it was!)
Duck cooked just right! Too tasty!
Matcha crumpets with burst-in-your-mouth pearls… interesting experience!

Hardware Society

According to many others, Hardware Society is the place to go for brunch… call me fussy, but we were a little disappointed with our orders 😦 Our baked egg and chorizo wasn’t as tasty as imagined, pork belly was pretty average (pale in comparison to Red Spice Road’s). However, we might have ordered the wrong dishes, another friend mentioned the croissant was delicious… so maybe the next time!

Pretty average baked eggs and chorizo


Nitrogen Ice-cream

Dextorose is a place within the city center with Super duper rich ice cream!! I found it richer than gelatos. Made fresh using Nitrogen and the ever trusty Kitchenaid mixer. Here’s our salted caramel popcorn one and the apple pie one… We struggled but didn’t stand a chance after a heavy brunch…

Rich and creamy Nitrogen Ice cream

Red Spice Road

OMG Red Spice Road‘s pork belly! No words to describe the pork belly!!! BEST I have ever had!!! And would be hard to out-do for sure. They do set lunches for really reasonable prices! Best to book in advance and also within the city center.

Pure deliciousness!!! I’m drooling just thinking of it!
Asian inspired decor


Very near to Fed Square, you’d definitely have to book in advance. Movida a tapas-like bar and restaurant, is just that popular! The Black Cuttlefish pasta was the star dish for us and didn’t make the photo list after being gobbled!!! Pretty much every dish is a taste adventure.

Wagu with just perfectly melty egg
Caramel – could find no fault there
Delicious berry mousse type dessert


Supernormal does Japanese fusion. Just delicious. Except, beware, it is a little pricey. We popped in for a little snack and dessert in between lunch and dinner. The lobster roll is tiny but the taste is to die for.

Food of my dreams: smokey mustard beef tartare, the tinylicious lobster roll on the right.
Finished off with salted caramel peanut parfait. Generous serve!

Late Night / Early Morning Food

After our midnight flight in Melbourne, we took a leisurely stroll to Chinatown and was surprised Menya Sandaime was packed with people at 4am!!! The ramen didn’t disappoint at all!

Absolutely yummy broth washed down with sake of course!

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