Penang FOOD!

ask any Malaysian and the first word that comes to mind when Penang is mentioned is FOOD!!!

Start the morning like a true Penangite with freshly-brewed butter-roasted coffee and charcoal-toasted bread married with butter and kaya.Toh Soon cafe is definitely famous for this! Wait time for the toast can be more than half hour long! 8am – 6pm, closed Sundays

Lollipop Rotitiam down the road may be a substitute if you’re too hungry to queue. May not be the best but you can definitely find homemade preservative-free polo buns with bak hu (chicken floss). And don’t forget, a Penang brekkie isn’t complete with two “watery eggs” with soy sauce and pepper! 8am – 5pm, closed Mondays


Get you mid-morning or mid-afternoon sweet fix with Nonya Kuih at Moh Teng Pheow canteen. A cute little vintagey place. They have a fantastic range, a few I’ve never come across before, and you can see it traditionally made. Note that the entrance is a little tricky to find (walk up Jalan Masjid) but the kuihs are soooo worth it!

Head to Jawi house cafe for lunch. They have pretty unique dishes and nothing disappoints! Here’s a pic of our starfruit salad and another yummy dish (I forgot the name). Don’t forget to wander upstairs too!

For durian lovers, there’s a spacious cafe cum camera museum  at Muntri street that sells fire and ice durian crepes, durian buns and durian pudding.


An absolute must-go place for food is Hong Kee Wan Thun Mee. We did try the famous Tek Sen but definitely preferred this place overall. The wanton mee is made from duck egg which gives it a wonderful springy texture. The prawn dumplings are absolutely delicious!!! And the food on the menu was soo tasty! You MUST try their spciality roast sweet-salty pork, fried chicken, oyster mee, and the tofu!!!


We started our second day food expedition with dim sum at Tai Tong. Selection is okay and the dim sum is nothing fancy but the TASTE is great, full of freshness and flavour.


China House is a great place morning, noon and night. They have a mouth-watering selection of cakes, with one of the biggest varieties I’ve seen! It’s got a lovely outdoor area, large quaint vintagey cafe, bakery and bar with quality live music to keep couples, families and also the party people happy 😊

New Lane hawkers is a great place for  late night snack. The duck egg char kauy teow has a perpetual queue. We got there at about 10.30pm on a weekday and still had to wait a good 20mins. Was pretty good but I don’t think I would queue again for it. BUT the penang rojak there was on point. Of course we had to finish off with a local ice kachang and some cooling lime jelly before our bellies called it a night!


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